Saturday, August 23, 2008

Thank you Tony - Message

Tony sent us his precious message as follows. Thank you, Tony!

Dear Jun Togo, again I am convinced by your altitute and passion towards the human race. Only brave people without fear will stand against the tide and acts accordingly,what good are for those that although seem concerned but didn't work for the benefits of others. Some greatone had once said <> likewise we can discuss matters of great concern in the most simple and direct way. In life most people are binded together by the following :-money, freedom, infrastructure and supports. First of all money is definately needed by everyone , the question is not money itself but how we should think of money, how much is enough for our needs and what we should do with the extra? when to take and when to give? One good example is Ophrah she had changed many lifes because of her kindness, sharing and care, we hope more enterprises can think like her and contribute to something good, which everybody can do without changing the tax law.Second is freedom, feedom of speech , freedom of expression and so on but in every action also invites an reaction, hence we should also incoporate self control and mutual respect with others Third, infrastructures especially public transport system which are provided mainly by the establishments should be ultilised fully, unless we want more bad air to breath, too much of emission will kill our planet, the design of all the nations industries should be fully reviewed by the experts and the Honests with their hearts to the people in general and their minds to the future generation in particular. Supports from our goverments are of course paramount and essential since all goverments are by the people and therefore should be for the people,eventhough vices and criminals are also people, one thing we ought not to forget is the principles laid down by our wise teacher-Plato, Truth,Justice,Temperance and Virtue if many will understand the saying no obstacle cannot be overcome and life will be better.

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