Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thank you again, Tony! - Endless Story

Tony gave me another letter. I would like to share this mail to many readers!
Thank you, Tony!


Dear Jun Togo, many thanks for your reply, first of all I would like to express my view in sharing your deep concern for the welfare of the millions of distress people living in constant danger around the world, many of them are exposed to wars, social-violence and so on nevertheless many children are subjected to crime related violence as well regardless whether they are tricked or are violated thru force,which I supposed is even more dangerous than wars fighting in some distant places of course there are exceptional cases eg. in Africa without offence.For many reasons,crime-related violence can happen to anyone at anyplace and at anytime even within the safe haven of homes and in the pretext of many forms; multi-levels, high rate of occurance and happens in the shortest period of reaction time and distant. Very difficult to identify and prevent despite the all out efforts of police forces around the world,needless to mention about the protection offer from the poor parents whom themselves are also subjected to the same intensity of threats,billions had been spent to fight crimes and billions yet to be spent,still the results we see today on crime related violence are growing much larger and becoming more and more vicious, brutal and infiltrating. If nothing more is done crime will win over their bodies and their souls, just take for example isn't prostitutes and drug users are becoming more younger today than yesterday? Where law sometimes cannot reach while our goverments are still thinking ; man of virtue like you can touch on them meaning the children and the would be victims through your artistical skills combine with your noble heart to let them see and feel both the danger and urgency ; vice and virtue begin from our hearts and because we are human we ought to care for, concern and helping each other to prevent ourself from further subdued in becoming animals,even the bads can become good and the good becoming better in terms of humanity, isn't that what Plato hoped for, Only a few are gifted and are selected to pursue the greatness of the Greats YOU definately are one.


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