Friday, January 9, 2009

Thank you Jean-Nicolas! - We are special

Jean-Nicolas, a peace keeper in Brussels, sent us a warm & lovely message reagarding our picture book 'We are special' as follows.
Thank you Jean! Let's change the world together!

A very nice and sensitive story to pass on the peace message. Sometimes War is in our heads, so deeply hidden that we keep getting trapped by ...ourselves.
A peace keeper is something to be. John Lennon would probably be singing that one if he hadn't got shot down by some idiot, just like Rabin. Hard Times though when you think of Gaza today, the rise of hatred and traumas bound to start over yet for another generation of newborn kids? How long is it going go last? Another 60 years?
HOW can we stop the madness? There is still hard work to do. This book may help kids to become aware and responsable of their humanity.
THANK YOU so much
Jean-Nicolas Maron

my 'profile' :
aged 58 cellist living in Brussels, Belgium.
also Peacekeeper. I was in Jerusalem, Bethleem and Gaza for Easter 2002 (got shelled by IDF while in the A誰da refugee camp).