Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thank you, Teemu! - The Gentle Giant

Teemu from Finland sent us a letter as follows, regarding our picture book The Gentle Giant.
Thank you, Teemu!


It was wonderfull little story! Annd I do believe those stories do have a big influence when the children are picturing the world and as they build their world views and values systems of people and world.

Thank you

Teemu Kassila
Helsinki, Finland
(temoraly living in Zagreb, Croatia)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thank you, MANGU NAIK! - Pavlov's dog

MANGU NAIK sent us a message regarding our picture book, Pavlov's dog.
Thank you, MANGU NAIK!

yes u have given wondreful example which is very easy to undrestand the theory of lerning

Thank you, ISHIKA! - Love and Lies

Ishika sent us a message regarding our picture book, Love and Lies.
Thank you, Ishika!

It's really interesting for me as what it has filled in me nobody can do it. I was really exited to read it.My brother always beats me and when I tell it to my mom I mother instead scolds me and I think it is because of that he is smaller than me. I always think of when my mom get off to market alone and we two are alone at home and I start beating him.But now I will always make him understand with love because now I have understand the true meaning of love due to reading this. Love is the spirit which can make an evil a friend also. From now onwards I will never repeat my faults again and never tell a lie to any one even if it is very important to save my life.My very thanks to this book.