Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thank you Izzie7, - We are special.

Izzie7 sent us a message regarding our picture book, We are special as follows.
Thank you Izzie7!

If you are trying to explain antisemitism as a natural result of the giving of the Torah on mount Sinai, you should be aware of the saying of the sages of Israel that "why is it called Sinai? Because it brought hatred (Sina in Hebrew) to the world. However, the same sages were unwavering in their devotion to God and and His Torah.

Your confusion is in thinking that Jewish separateness is self imposed and arbitrary. Quite the oposite is true. It is a result of the God=-given requirements of the Torah and the necessary rejection of the dominant religion or culture popular in any time or country.

Jews have founded or lead to the founding of two if not three of the dominant religions in the world and assimilated Jews have made contributions to science and culture outrageously out of proportion to their small numbers. This has not decreased antisemitism. The oposite is true.

The least antisemitic country in he world is the US, because it is a multi-national people. Orthodox Jews are no less different from Americans than they are from French or British, who are far more anti-semitic. Your thesis is faulty as far as Israel and the Jews are concerned. And even if you were right (which you are not), your solution is national suicide and extinction. We prefer to continue and look foward to the final redemtion. Those good people that support us will earn their reward and those that oppose us will deserve their fate. It is your choice, not ours.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thank you Briggs May - Pavlov’s dog

Briggs May sent us a message regarding our picture book Pavlov’s dog.
Thank you, Briggs!

I'm grateful to have discovered your site. I am a sad and depressed person with very little hope for/ faith in the world around me. It's comforting to know that there is someone out there that sees our problems the same way I do. It looks like we are outnumbered. In my prayers and dreams I can see a simple message like yours eliminating the ignorance, selfishness and hatred that surrounds us and threatens to kill us every day. Keep doing what you do.