Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thank you SoulLove! - Gentle Giant

We have received a mail from SoulLove about our picture book The Gentle Giant.
Your message is so warm and peaceful! Thank you, SoulLove!!


Dear Jun Togo,
Greetings and love from Japan! I read your Gentle Giant picture book and really loved it! The pictures are adorable and the message is valuable. After reading this, my thoughts went to the importance of peaceful communication. The Giant reacted to the people from his own logical perception of reality, but didn't think to stop and ask the people if his perceptions were correct according to them. The people as well didn't stop to think before they started attacking, that the Giant might have had a good reason for his actions. If both parties had communicated or at least made the attempt to do so, perhaps the violence could have been avoided entirely.
Love and Brightest Blessings,SoulLove

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Thank you Fran! - We are special

Fran Smith has sent a mail to us about our picture book, "We are special" as follows.
Thank you for the mail, Fran.


You have an incredibly simplistic and childish view of the world, all black and white with no shades of gray.