Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thank you Magdalena Ugorowska - Introduction

Miss Magdalena Ugorowska kindly introduced my web in both English and Japanese as follows on her face book page.

Thank you, Miss Magdalena Ugorowska!


Hey guys! Please, have a look on the page below. It was created by my friend, Jun Togo, who has a wonderful dream of world wide peace☆ I wish your dream come true!!♪ If you share his passion, please click "Like it" that is below each short story window^^



Thank you Ata-ur-rehman - How to make your child a criminal

Ata-ur-rehman sent us a message regardng our picture book How to make your child a criminal.

Thank you, Ata-ur-rehman!

Our child is not able to punishment.We pass time as a good friend.Their moms also advise as a friend. Punishment make criminal our children.My mobile no is 0092--3067499669 I am Romeo Doctor . I am From Pakistan

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thank you Senthivel - Pavlov's dog

Senthivel sent us a following message. Thank you, Senthivel.

Nice work!

Hi! My name is Senthivel and I work on transformation of people. That human beings are conditioned puppets is obvious. But, the real help is to help people from misalgined thought and behaviour to aligned thought and behaviour!

We have uncovered that secret and helped many transform themselves!

Our website is

Speak to us for one hour and you will not be the same person again! Conditioning will become powerless and new input will take over!

Looking forward to friendly mutually beneficial relationship!

All the best!

Love and regards