Friday, March 27, 2009

Thank you gm - Love & Lies

Gm sent us a message regarding our picture book Love & Lies.
Thank you, gm!


the message of the picture book is nice,its definitely true. Once again we are all reminded about of what is the one thing lacking on earth, its the true and heavenly love. God permits everyone to exist because He LOVE's us, even though we always commit mistakes He's always ready to forgive, as the bible says: CHARITY, suffereth long,is kind envieth not, vuanteth not itself, is not puffed up, doth not brhave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, not easily provoked and thinketh no evil. (1 cor 13:4 & 5) So i say "we come to love not to seek a perfect person, but to see an imperfect person perfectly", if we cant love the person instantly or the love we have is fading because of what we see in him/her or what he/she did to us; lets just remember to give them a chance and help them improve themselves not just because we are oblige to do so but as God want's us to make a little heaven hear on earth. at home is the right place where we can star & find true love & not just love a heavenly love,with that love we'll find peace.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thank you segun! - Love & Lies

Segun sent us a short message regarding our picture book Love & Lies as follows.
Thank you, Segun!

the book is very nice,it would be develop 1 by 1.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thank you, Geoff - The Endless Story

Mr. Geoff Wright sent us a follwing message after reading our picture book The Endless Story.

Thank you, Geoff!!

Born '33-so an old codger.Lived in North West and spent time on the Suez Canal where I was quite surprised that the locals did not like us at all.Just because they provided their labour and it was in their country.
This was during the 'emergency'1952-54 and lives were lost and people hurt. Many of these people were young, ill trained, poorly equipped, and badly treated conscipts. Most were aged 18 and by now their grieving parents will be gone and it haunts me to think of the anguish they suffered during their lives.
Looking back it was a shameful waste of decent lives and it is only in my old age that I fully reasise this.
It still continues in other areas and is still treated by many as some kind of game.
I came to Australia in 1955 and missed the stupidity of the Suez Invasion although I was dissapointed at the time.This operation is regarded as a 'minor event'in the publics view but young lives were lost and it does not matter whether many, or few, were lost as each soldier(on both sides)had only one life.
The total lack of respect of life is worse now than ever and this must change before any progress is made.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Thank you Lincoln - link

I found that a web named HUMANISMO kindly put a link to our main web.
Though I cannot read the web at all, I think the author of the web is Mr.Lincoln Sobral .

Thank you, Lincoln!!!

To the web HUMANISMO

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another translation

I have finished another translation and uploaded a new picture book in English, which is I am bad.

It is appreciated if you could send us your thoughts.

* The new picture book, I am bad.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thank you Yoshi - Pavlov's dog

Yoshi sent us a message regarding our picture book Pavlov's dog.
Thank you, Yoshi!

This is Yoshi, a photo-journalist and Zen Buddhist lives in London since 1974.

1) Normally the words "Joken-hanshs" were translated as conditioned reflection. ( reflection = hansha !!! )

2) In south London, mugging (hittakuri) became a kind of daily occurrence and the mugger may not be caught and punished, so that the kids started to feel "nothing wrong to mug, if he (or she) want to get it". Here, the link of social conditioning has been broken down.

3) Fundamental base to distinguish right and wrong in Japanese pshyki is clean or pure vs dirty. Not socially conditioned norm but much deeper subconscious feeling. And this is Japanese "Shinto". (That's why people goes to Shinto shrine to be cleansed ("Kiyome" or receive "Oharai"----hence the tradition, "Mizugori" "Nagashi-Bina")

This is in fact, huge subject. (I spent past 30 years to decypher what is Zen.)

New picture book 'Evil and Punishment' ;Translation

I have finished to translate the new picture book, "Evil and Punishment."
B.Blue helped my translation.
I have not put a link from other pages on the web yet. If you happen to read this, it is appreciated if you send us what you think about the picture book.