Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thank you Yoshi - Pavlov's dog

Yoshi sent us a message regarding our picture book Pavlov's dog.
Thank you, Yoshi!

This is Yoshi, a photo-journalist and Zen Buddhist lives in London since 1974.

1) Normally the words "Joken-hanshs" were translated as conditioned reflection. ( reflection = hansha !!! )

2) In south London, mugging (hittakuri) became a kind of daily occurrence and the mugger may not be caught and punished, so that the kids started to feel "nothing wrong to mug, if he (or she) want to get it". Here, the link of social conditioning has been broken down.

3) Fundamental base to distinguish right and wrong in Japanese pshyki is clean or pure vs dirty. Not socially conditioned norm but much deeper subconscious feeling. And this is Japanese "Shinto". (That's why people goes to Shinto shrine to be cleansed ("Kiyome" or receive "Oharai"----hence the tradition, "Mizugori" "Nagashi-Bina")

This is in fact, huge subject. (I spent past 30 years to decypher what is Zen.)

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