Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thank you Avrohom Bilgrei - We are special

Avrohom Bilgrei sent us a message regarding 'We are special'
Thank you,  Avrohom Bilgrei!

Your message is so obtuse it ceases to be a viable comparison to any reality!
There is no inference of choice or "obligation" pertaining to any protagonist.
Without any choice or obligation it serves no purpose or have any social redeeming value.
Had the stone had any empirical quality that innately warranted respect and loyalty predicated on some material significance to the "purple" than perhaps loyalty would have been dictated and the "color" would have represented a foundation for regard by the children, less that the only reasonable reinforcement this nonsense indicates is for blind adherence to some arbitrary empty moral relative conditioning that fosters nazi like fealty to arbitrary geography.
The only thing that is suggested here is of the futility of blind agenda rather than purposeful, positive conditioning and the potential value thereof.
This is an old psychological illustration of how prejudice can be conditioned into the naive mind, BUT in a broad brushed manner it gives no 窶彡ontext窶・ nor suggest what context 窶彡olor窶・might be a viable indicator of anything, such as a stop sign, traffic light etc! Some people are color blind and therefore the 窶徨ed窶・light is always on top, as the 窶徨ed窶・stop sign is always within a six sided plaque.
Not very deep, sophomoric at best.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Thank you, jerome sealza - Pavlov’s dog

jerome sealza sent us a mail regarding 'Pavlov's dog.'
Thank you, jerome sealza!

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