Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thank you again AMARKINE AMARTEIFIO - Love and Lies

AMARKINE AMARTEIFIO sent us 3rd message, this time, regarding Love and Lies.
Thank you for your thoughtful message, AMARKINE AMARTEIFIO!

Any higher power who cannot bear to leave people alone to whatever life they choose for themselves is not worth our thought and attention.
When you love someone, you do not make rules or commandments for them. Neither do you make it obligatory for them to pay attention to you. You do not frighten or blackmail them with imaginary consequences for not paying attention to your needs.You do not impose your idea of what is good on them. You simply allow them to choose what they want, even if those choices aren't what you will opt for. You allow them to be all they choose to be. A large part of the wisdom people have,is the result of the freedom they have had to make their own mistakes. We only become more,after we have experienced what is less! True love is freedom!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thank you again, amarkine amarteifio -We are special

amarkine amarteifio sent us second mail regarding peace as follows.
Thank you again, amarkine amarteifio!

We are all born whole, in spite of whatever physical disabilities some may have. But when we lose the wholeness and integrity of our minds, we see the world in bits and pieces, each separated, unrelated and opposed to the other. We then create systems of thought as well as religions that emphasize the difference between us and other people. This provides us the cover and moral justification to either eliminate those who are not like us, or who think differently from us. That is why all the religions and systems of thought in our history have been contradictory to the best in our nature----love, unity, and shared humanity. When a person is whole in their minds and heart, they naturally see and regard all people as noble and whole as they consider themselves.
Amarkine Amarteifio,artist, Ghana

Friday, July 23, 2010

amarkine amarteifio -We are special

amarkine amarteifio sent us a message as follows.
Thank you, amarkine amarteifio!

I have always believed that the mark of greatness in people is not what they have that others do not have. Great people are those who recognize how common they are. They are people who can bear to live with the fact that they are as common as all other people. Our greatness is found in our common humanity!.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Never give Up; new picture book

We up-loaded our new picture book, 'Never give Up'.
We have not put links to the page yet, but you can see this from the link below.

Never give up; ―To those who have little will power―" ;;our new picture book

Sie.Kathieravealu - We are special

Sie.Kathieravealu sent us a peace message as follows.
Thank you, Sie.Kathieravealu!

There is trouble in Sri Lanka. It seems to be never ending. One accusing the other. The reasons given applies to both parties on most occasions.

I am a peace activist. In my opinion it is the so-called Leaders, who are professional poiiticians, created all these troubles, because they have no other way to 'control' the people for their own benefit. The 'professional' politicians do not want the troubles to end through fear of loosing their 'earnings'.

So the people have to be made aware of the true situation. Your picture story can help IF it is spread by unbiased non-politicians.

I will do what I can

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Thank you Sakura - Storm and Lake

Sakura sent us a message reagarding our picture book, 'Storm and Lake' as follows.
Thank you, Sakura!

I appreciate the simplicity of the story but the very strong message it conveys. I teach youngsters and soon, this material will be of help to me in illustrating very important points - hope in adversity, cooperation, among others. Thank you very much.