Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thank you again, amarkine amarteifio -We are special

amarkine amarteifio sent us second mail regarding peace as follows.
Thank you again, amarkine amarteifio!

We are all born whole, in spite of whatever physical disabilities some may have. But when we lose the wholeness and integrity of our minds, we see the world in bits and pieces, each separated, unrelated and opposed to the other. We then create systems of thought as well as religions that emphasize the difference between us and other people. This provides us the cover and moral justification to either eliminate those who are not like us, or who think differently from us. That is why all the religions and systems of thought in our history have been contradictory to the best in our nature----love, unity, and shared humanity. When a person is whole in their minds and heart, they naturally see and regard all people as noble and whole as they consider themselves.
Amarkine Amarteifio,artist, Ghana

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