Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thank you again AMARKINE AMARTEIFIO - Love and Lies

AMARKINE AMARTEIFIO sent us 3rd message, this time, regarding Love and Lies.
Thank you for your thoughtful message, AMARKINE AMARTEIFIO!

Any higher power who cannot bear to leave people alone to whatever life they choose for themselves is not worth our thought and attention.
When you love someone, you do not make rules or commandments for them. Neither do you make it obligatory for them to pay attention to you. You do not frighten or blackmail them with imaginary consequences for not paying attention to your needs.You do not impose your idea of what is good on them. You simply allow them to choose what they want, even if those choices aren't what you will opt for. You allow them to be all they choose to be. A large part of the wisdom people have,is the result of the freedom they have had to make their own mistakes. We only become more,after we have experienced what is less! True love is freedom!

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