Sunday, August 31, 2008

Thank you Arjun! - Pavlov's dog

Arjun sent us a message about our picture book 'Pavlov's dog'.
Thank you Arjun!


my self arjun singh student of GNIM punjabi bagh ..retail marketing doing PGDM this makes me easy to understand the topic of "pavlov 's dog" through picture book i thing it should be continued to with spl topics so that we can have longest use of this side
thanking u

arjun singh

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Thank you Tony - Message

Tony sent us his precious message as follows. Thank you, Tony!

Dear Jun Togo, again I am convinced by your altitute and passion towards the human race. Only brave people without fear will stand against the tide and acts accordingly,what good are for those that although seem concerned but didn't work for the benefits of others. Some greatone had once said <> likewise we can discuss matters of great concern in the most simple and direct way. In life most people are binded together by the following :-money, freedom, infrastructure and supports. First of all money is definately needed by everyone , the question is not money itself but how we should think of money, how much is enough for our needs and what we should do with the extra? when to take and when to give? One good example is Ophrah she had changed many lifes because of her kindness, sharing and care, we hope more enterprises can think like her and contribute to something good, which everybody can do without changing the tax law.Second is freedom, feedom of speech , freedom of expression and so on but in every action also invites an reaction, hence we should also incoporate self control and mutual respect with others Third, infrastructures especially public transport system which are provided mainly by the establishments should be ultilised fully, unless we want more bad air to breath, too much of emission will kill our planet, the design of all the nations industries should be fully reviewed by the experts and the Honests with their hearts to the people in general and their minds to the future generation in particular. Supports from our goverments are of course paramount and essential since all goverments are by the people and therefore should be for the people,eventhough vices and criminals are also people, one thing we ought not to forget is the principles laid down by our wise teacher-Plato, Truth,Justice,Temperance and Virtue if many will understand the saying no obstacle cannot be overcome and life will be better.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thank you Dan! - Love and Enemies

Dan gave us a message about our picture book Love and Enemies.
Thank you Dan!

i is true but now in this time no one can do this....but we have to try...............

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thank you again, Tony! - Endless Story

Tony gave me another letter. I would like to share this mail to many readers!
Thank you, Tony!


Dear Jun Togo, many thanks for your reply, first of all I would like to express my view in sharing your deep concern for the welfare of the millions of distress people living in constant danger around the world, many of them are exposed to wars, social-violence and so on nevertheless many children are subjected to crime related violence as well regardless whether they are tricked or are violated thru force,which I supposed is even more dangerous than wars fighting in some distant places of course there are exceptional cases eg. in Africa without offence.For many reasons,crime-related violence can happen to anyone at anyplace and at anytime even within the safe haven of homes and in the pretext of many forms; multi-levels, high rate of occurance and happens in the shortest period of reaction time and distant. Very difficult to identify and prevent despite the all out efforts of police forces around the world,needless to mention about the protection offer from the poor parents whom themselves are also subjected to the same intensity of threats,billions had been spent to fight crimes and billions yet to be spent,still the results we see today on crime related violence are growing much larger and becoming more and more vicious, brutal and infiltrating. If nothing more is done crime will win over their bodies and their souls, just take for example isn't prostitutes and drug users are becoming more younger today than yesterday? Where law sometimes cannot reach while our goverments are still thinking ; man of virtue like you can touch on them meaning the children and the would be victims through your artistical skills combine with your noble heart to let them see and feel both the danger and urgency ; vice and virtue begin from our hearts and because we are human we ought to care for, concern and helping each other to prevent ourself from further subdued in becoming animals,even the bads can become good and the good becoming better in terms of humanity, isn't that what Plato hoped for, Only a few are gifted and are selected to pursue the greatness of the Greats YOU definately are one.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thank you Khalid! - Pavlov's dog

Khalid sent us a mail about our picture book Pavlov's dog as follows.
Thank you, Khalid!
I am Khalid. This is good picture book for student to kmow about reflex action.And nice work done

Monday, August 18, 2008

Thank you Tony! - The Endless Story

Tony gave us his message about our picture book 'The Endless Story.'
Tony, your mail encouraged me very much. Thank you, Tony!!


DEAR JUN TOGO,thanks for your excellence idea in creating this story book of anti violence for peace. Just like you had illustrated, many times the line between what is good and bad is infact very thin and fragile, especially between different cultures and beliefs, hence the solution might be in the education of the youngs, but since education are formulated by goverments who sometimes are already in conflicts, hence it is hard to change the way they would like to exert whatever into the brains of their youths therfore many times again and again we noticed what one country is doing although seems not appropiate in the eyes of others but they are still pursuing it in the very good name they can think of. If conflicts are guilded by interests then justice is seldom done only the power of the state will control and decide. Unfortunate for you and me and many others, this is a long and uphill task but no matter how bad it looks somehow someday people will realise what importance truth is no matter how ugly it looks, I cannot imagine what the children might becomne if heros like you are not there to glory peace and justice. My deepest admiration and best regards to you and all the virtue kind of the world. Please contact if you deem necessary. Thanks

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thank you Sue! - Love and Lies

After reading our picture book Love and Lies, Sue sent us a message as follows.
Thank you Sue!

Great idea, true message, admirable motivation....All deserve a better quality of writing and artwork and more depth to make it a worthwhile read for the as yet unconverted. Who is your target audience? What reading level? What age? If it's young children, your words need to be more simple, but deep, and the pictures grab their imagination. If it's older children, more depth of thought.. appeal to their intelligence and unleash their imagination with your words. If it's adults.. hmmm.. perhaps you need to rethink your examples.Good luck!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thank you ikoiqweu - Magical Glasses

Ikoiqweu sent us a mail about our picture book, "Magical Glasses" as follows.

Thank you, Ikoiqweu !


You won't forget if you see somebody is being killed like that. Even though you can take off the glass, but you still be sulfured from what you saw. Taking off the glass won't resolve any of your feeling and you just stay as unhappy person.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Thank you CHIEKO - Storm and Lake

We have received a mail from CHIEKO about our picture book, "Storm and Lake" as follows.
Thank you, CHIEKO!!