Monday, August 18, 2008

Thank you Tony! - The Endless Story

Tony gave us his message about our picture book 'The Endless Story.'
Tony, your mail encouraged me very much. Thank you, Tony!!


DEAR JUN TOGO,thanks for your excellence idea in creating this story book of anti violence for peace. Just like you had illustrated, many times the line between what is good and bad is infact very thin and fragile, especially between different cultures and beliefs, hence the solution might be in the education of the youngs, but since education are formulated by goverments who sometimes are already in conflicts, hence it is hard to change the way they would like to exert whatever into the brains of their youths therfore many times again and again we noticed what one country is doing although seems not appropiate in the eyes of others but they are still pursuing it in the very good name they can think of. If conflicts are guilded by interests then justice is seldom done only the power of the state will control and decide. Unfortunate for you and me and many others, this is a long and uphill task but no matter how bad it looks somehow someday people will realise what importance truth is no matter how ugly it looks, I cannot imagine what the children might becomne if heros like you are not there to glory peace and justice. My deepest admiration and best regards to you and all the virtue kind of the world. Please contact if you deem necessary. Thanks

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