Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thank you, Geoff - The Endless Story

Mr. Geoff Wright sent us a follwing message after reading our picture book The Endless Story.

Thank you, Geoff!!

Born '33-so an old codger.Lived in North West and spent time on the Suez Canal where I was quite surprised that the locals did not like us at all.Just because they provided their labour and it was in their country.
This was during the 'emergency'1952-54 and lives were lost and people hurt. Many of these people were young, ill trained, poorly equipped, and badly treated conscipts. Most were aged 18 and by now their grieving parents will be gone and it haunts me to think of the anguish they suffered during their lives.
Looking back it was a shameful waste of decent lives and it is only in my old age that I fully reasise this.
It still continues in other areas and is still treated by many as some kind of game.
I came to Australia in 1955 and missed the stupidity of the Suez Invasion although I was dissapointed at the time.This operation is regarded as a 'minor event'in the publics view but young lives were lost and it does not matter whether many, or few, were lost as each soldier(on both sides)had only one life.
The total lack of respect of life is worse now than ever and this must change before any progress is made.

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