Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thank you Valerie from Canada - We are special

We have received a mail from Valerie regarding our picture book 'We are special.'
Thank you, Valerie!

Holy moly that could be or actually is a picture book that could explain the insanity that is Israel - Palestine or that Mideastern conflict that seemed to have been going on for what seems like forever.

Valerie sent us another message, which is as follows. Thank you again, Valerie!
---------------------Apr. 29th 2009------------------------------
I wonder if another "message" that could be read into the book "We're Special" is that if you advertised your "special" status, you tend to make adversaries and I hate to say this, but I think Israel had that problem for they constantly proclaimed themselves to be the "chosen people" of "the divine powers that be."

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