Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thank you Sirina - The Endless Story

Sirina sent us a message as follows regarding our picture book, The Endless Story.
Thank you, Sirina!

im an international relation students,since this year is my graduation year, i had to chose a subject for my memoir.
in this context, i chose the sudjct of child soldiering because i really care about what s happening to them.
my remark, killig is easy for these poeple even the good ones, how come???????????????
you are right, this is an endless chain...
i think people are rellyiong on them selves instead on justic to take their revenge. they do not even ask they believe their eyes instead of investigating and looking for the truth.
justice has its men, i think the problem is located in the minds of poeple as well as in the fact tha poeple do not trust their justic system.
however, nothing in the world justifies this mass killing even revenge. killing one person will lead to a more and more killing.
i think the best way is raising awarness about this issue and sendind a message of tolerence and love.

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