Monday, November 24, 2008

Thank you, Archer! - Love and Lies / We are special

Archer sent us 2 mails about our picture books, 'Love and Lies' and 'We are special' as follows.
Thank you, Archer!

---------Love and Lies-----------------

i am an illustrator. this little book says a lot of things that i have tried to say, but it says them in a very direct way. i am in awe, and am thinking how these concepts might be expounded.

---------We are special-----------------

o.k. we purples may make some mistakes but others are much much worse.
they are ter-ror-rists. thank heavens for the fog of war! otherwise we couldn't interogate them and their infected children legally after we turn their villages into jello. just remember we are the good guys- it could be worse! they could be doing the same things to us. and believe me they wouldn't stop at waterboarding. they would force us to legislate morality! and make us wear hats!

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