Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Thank you Keiron - Pavlov's dog

Keiron sent us a message about our picture book "Pavlov's dog" as follows.
Thank you, Keiron!


You appear to have misunderstood classical conditioning. Your description of Pavlov's experiment is correct, apart from the bit where the dog expects food - there is no expectation in CC, only an association between the stimulus and the response (ie., the tone and the salivation [note the absence of food from this association]). Nevertheless, raising fists is better explained with operant conditioning (see the work of BF Skinner). Classical conditioning can only account for emotions and basic reflexes like salivation.

I admire the aims of your website. I do not like wars, hatred etc., but your message would be more effective if the science was correct.

I hope I have helped, rather than cause offence.

Yours peacefully


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