Tuesday, April 1, 2008

mail magazine and opinion ad.

We have a Japanese mail magazine, which we are using to inform readers about our latest development.

Today I issued the new article to tell about the start of this English Blog and the upload of 'We are special!' new picture book.
I also emphasized the importance of our message ad.

At the moment we have following English ad. via internet.
This is just for your information.


The Endless Story
Can you stop this story?
Or do you keep fighting for good?


Pavlov’s dog
What conditioning does it have?
What conditioning do you have?


Magical Glasses
Can you take off the glasses?
Or keep Good & Evil Addiction?


The Gentle Giant
People who are angry are NOT evil!
Be aware of Good & Evil addiction.


Love & Enemy
You can love your enemies easily.
But receiving love is difficult!


Love and Lies
Love is not created by orders.
Only lies are created.


Just a flower
is enough to destroy atomic bombs.
Who can go against love forever?


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