Sunday, March 16, 2008

How to increase the traffic...

As a peace movement, it is very important to increase the traffic to the main web,
There are currently not many accesses to the web. There are only few links to the web, either.

We have been advertising through internet such as Google; however, there is obviously a ceiling of the budget.

Well…, it is not easy.

What I can do at the moment is to add a new picture book on the web and to improve the section on the web about the book, ‘Good and Evil Addiction.’
We have one picture book, ‘We are special!’, which we put on the Japanese web but not in the English version yet.
I hope that more pages in the main web will help to increase the traffic.

Or maybe we can spend more money for the ad. for a certain period, such as one month to kick the traffic up.

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