Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thank you Barbara - Love and Lies

Barbara sent us a following message regarding our picture book - Love and Lies.
Thank you, BArbara!


The color book on love and lies was very thoughtful. I believe there are two words describing 'human affection' which are thought to be the same thing but which I believe are somewhat different. LIKING and LOVING
LIKING is a most pleasant positive feeling and emotion which seems to accompany things, places, activities, and even people that we LIKE. I believe small children may begin to learn the feelings and emotions attached to human love and affection, that they learn to have and feel and express for about and towards other people, they begin to learn about love by first experiencing LIKING. Liking is a most peasant positive feeling, which when attached to a relationship, is also sociably enjoyable. I think children learn to LIKE before they learn to LOVE. UNLOVED children face a world of confusion having to discover what real love is, solely by personal experience of trial and error. Primary caregivers who do not know how to love their children with healthy human affection, leave their children basically 'on their own'. Relationships which start out on friendly terms, often end on unfriendly terms, because both parties 'don't know how to love'! I am very interested in
pursuing more understanding about the human feeling, emotion, and behavior of LIKING. Am a trained christian counsellor, and self-taught student of human emotions and human behavior, and enthusiastic amateur writer. I pursue understanding from a christian perspective, but am not a fundamentalist, nor a sectarian believer. Am also a survivor of an abusive childhood, and much abusive behavior from very bad christians in the church, whose misguided behavior was a scandalous counter-sign to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to the source of the purest love of all, God the father. Barbara Quinn


Anonymous said...

Dear Togo,
sure you can 'be my friend' on Facebook, if you want. I don't know how to use Facebook very well at all. But I can try. Peace. Barbara

Barbara Quinn said...

Yes my new friend. I do remember. But I forgot that the message actually went where it was supposed to go. I get a little confused with some of this technology. But I am getting better at all this. Peace, Barbara.

Jun Togo said...

Hi Barbara, yes, the new technologies are always confusing. Webs, blogs, twitters, facebooks...never ends.