Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thank you, Sharonah - We are special

Sharonah sent us a message regarding our picture book 'We are special'.
Thank you, Sharonah!

Hi Jun,
I love your ideas of making a simplistic picture book for all people to better understand world, and more importantly, self conflict. Although you claim that the "We are Special" story doesn't imply any specific peoples, it is obvious that the "Purples" who deem them selves special, are referring to the Arabs that live in Israel. The only descrepncy that I see is that the Arabs do not actually have airplanes and tanks, thank Gd. And the people that "hate" them don't throw stones or try to kill them to get into their "park". Also most of the world does seem to sympathize with the "Purples". This is due to the media propaganda. Hey if they want to dye your hair purple fine but you can't make the rest of the world dye their hair also just because your crystal says you must make them or kill them. What's that about?
Bottom line is I live here, as did my spiritual and physical ancestors did for thosands of years. What the media doesn't show you is that 20% of Israelis are Arabs and live in Israel side by side with Jews under Israeli rule, and have a very good life now that Israel is a modern country. I know because my children do play in the park with their children and I shop in the same malls with their parents.
The Arabs that you see on TV are the ones who unfortunatly got stuck behind the "Greenline" and through no fault of their own are now being oppressed by the PLO.
When factories and businesses are forced to close in "The Occupied Territoties" due to political pressures, who ends up suffering and losing thousands of jobs? Mostly Arabs who live in this area and are just trying to earn a descent living for their families just like anyone else. Unfortunately governmental bodies like the PLO and other Arab nations have much to gain by oppressing them and inciting anger and hatred and lies towards us in order to keep power.
Individuals need to step up and take control and stop letting their governmental bodies tell them what to think.
Peace and Good Luck,
Living in Ariel, Israel, trying to make a difference,
P.S. I would love to tell, one day when I have time, a different version of "We are Special". I hope you would consider it for your website.

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