Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thank you, Adam! - Magical Glasses

Adam sent us a message regarding Magical glasses. Thank you, Adam!

I absolutely feel for these issues and I feel i understand what you try to convey about the difficulty & dangers of black / white, good / bad, on / off, yes / no judgements. And I feel you are onto a great potent way to illustrate & learn these ideas. But in your story is few minor problems to smooth... first i not quite understand the connection between good/evil and eating/not eating.? Also when the good people kill the evil people.? This means killing evil people is good behaviour.? assuming they are actually evil people, cos in your story the "black" color people are the "evil" people - you mean about racist judgements.? also if i were to kill an evil person that is better than killing a good person, for example my conscience & karma is better from killing the evil than killing the good..!! but one must kill in a righteous way..!! for example the honour in challenging for a duel, rather than encarcerating in prison for a decade in solitary then mechanical termination of life..!!

my point is that you could incorporate into your story about a righteous way the evil people are killed and that they are indeed evil (not simply different racial heritage) cos then i feel the perspective becomes more engaging and precise for more people..

anyway - all the best and good luck for you stories..

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