Monday, December 28, 2009

Thank you Connie - Magical Glasses

Connie Pappalardo sent us a following message regarding our picture book, Magical Glasses.
Thank you, Connie!

i am 70 years old,italian-australian.Reading this message gave me hope for a better world.i may not see it but the grandchildren of this world ,hopefully will.It is a small but great beginning .TO moslems christians ,jews and ALL religions i say pray for peace ,between races religions and creeds .WE are all the same.We hurt the same ,we laugh the same we all hope for the wellbeing of our dear ones.;Let's make an effort in our homes by excemple. In our neighborhood ,wherever we go whatever we do LET US SHOW THAT LOVE IS BETTER THEN HATE.Also hold goodness and love in your hearts ,it spreads.
Connie Pappalardo

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