Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thank you Bruno - We are special

Bruno kindly sent us a message as follows with regard to our picture book, We are special.
Thank you, Bruno!

@This is Bruno's Blog, Autoapotheosis


I am a polish jew living in Germany. I get opressed everyday but I do not believe in "beeing" special. I was simply born as I am. I could not chose.

Yes, I feel sympathy for the people with special hair. I really feel sorry for them. I will tell the story to every children to respect other peoples feelings, even if "they feel special". The only thingI want is nobody "reacts as beeing special", ie. attacking others likeGermans did in the Nazi-time!

There are two kind of ideologies:

1. We feel good.
2. Others are worse.

The first one is ok. The latter is bad because members try to opress other people to feel better.

I wish you the best and will include you in my daily prayers


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